This company was born in an attempt to provide more personalized customer experience for customers, and more fun and creative experience for developers. Founder and CEO of the company Katerina Stasik has been working on many and various software development projects since 2010. Working as a project manager, scrum master, designer and sometimes tester on many projects brought an understanding that in most teams the whole process is controlled by one person. And all the rest of a team remain in shadows, without an ability to invest and contribute to a product. While they had a lot to contribute.

Today WONDERSLAB, LTD is a team of self-organized software developers, mobile UX/UI designer, testers and scrum masters. We have created an ecosystem which ignites every team member, ideas are shared, communication is direct and the whole process is transparent.

We are not shy to consider ourselves best mobile application development company because aside from coding we provide a value of properly organizing software development process and scrum coaching tips. While the team create mobile chat app for you a Scrum Master will give you scrum coaching tips on how to stay on top of things without investing too much time into management and micromanaging.

WONDERSLAB, LTD can build any mobile product but we found ourselves mostly enjoying business messaging app development, webrtc chat development, broadcasting app for mobile development. See work examples on this page here

We consider scrum coaching and scrum coaching tips to be the most essential of all parts of a software development process. Why? Because it saves TIME, MONEY and ENERGY. And that's how we see our mission.


We build mobile apps. We provide web and mobile communication tools and solutions for effective communication within a team or a society. We also help organize and build teams through such tools and coaching on effective communication solutions.


Energy-effective software development. The time of heavy planning and bloated mega systems has passed. We live in the era of dynamic changes and quick decision making. We live in the era when a lot has been invented and developed. The trick is to take all the best parts and combine them into a fast and highly effective ecosystem which will help your idea or business grow or be born.


Self-organized team

Listen to your team. See what they can do. Tell them where you want to get. Let them get you there.

Communicate a problem if you want it solved

How will I know you are not happy with communication if you do not tell me? How can I offer a solution to a problem which does not exists for me? Problems are there to be solved. Share a problem and get it solved.

Shared knowledge

Learned something new? Share it. Call an educational meeting. Write an article. Make a group call and share you knowledge. Society only evolves through a shared knowledge.

Everyone is responsible

As a team we build ONE product for all. It's not just designer who is reponsible for UX/UI, it's not just a developer who is responsible how a feature works. EVERYONE is responsible for a PRODUCT we release.

Manage yourself cooperate with others

Ask for help. Offer help. Gather opinions and choose how you handle those.

Help is you have time

Done with your tasks? See if you can help others speed up. Just ask if anyone on a team needs your help.

Success is not measured by a number of problems you have. Success is measured by how well you deal with the problems which come your way. The goal is not to reach a state when you do not have a single problem. The goal is to reach a state when not a single problem can rock your boat.

Usually people call a problem everything that does not go according to our plan. They stress over it or ignore it, because nobody likes a bummer. We offer a different approach to problems. We view them as opportunities and necessary changes. And we know how to predict, identify and deal with an unexpected change without losing focus, time and energy.

And it is especially valuable when building a software. In software development things change a lot. WONDERSLAB team know how to change with a change.