Things we build

Text chat
WONDERSLAB team builds texting apps for iPhone with a phone number verification, communication apps for iPhone and Android with text chat and group text chat option. As a mobile application development company we build native mobile apps as well as cross-platform or hybrid mobile apps. We build our backend using same technology Linkedin does. We make sure messages in text chat are delivered immediately. Sockets technology is used for backend in order to reach smallest possible delay between sender and receiver. Another important aspect if a text chat app is prompts. We build them so that they show up on a screen even when the app is not being used. Here you can find several detailed examples our mobile application development company built for text chat concept apps READ MORE HIDE I want this
Video chat
We build video broadcasting app using WebRTC technology. Today our mobile application development company is a partner of one of the largest webrtc chat providers. Working with this technology since 2015 we have build varieties of video broadcasting app, video chat one-to many app, 1-to-1 video chat, video conferencing tools. We are happy to provide WebRTC demo for free where you can estimate capabilities of this solution. Usual WebRTC chat has an option to share a screen, transfer files and provides an ability to draw on a screen during the conversation. It is an in-room experience for the remote team. READ MORE HIDE Let's create
Live streaming
Recently our mobile application development company has built a Periscope-like app. Only better. This concept comes from a valued client and we are grateful to be a part of this team from scratch. Building video broadcasting app we used WebRTC chat solution. You can read more about it here. We have expertise building one-to-many and one-to-one video streaming apps. Using WebRTC providers solution and custom media server solution, for better speed and quality. File transferring inside the video chat, in app purchase and charge-by-usage monetization. READ MORE HIDE Get started
E-commerce tools
Working with business instant messaging our mobile application development company designs monetization and financial business solutions. We build e-commerce for mobile app using following payments processing tools: Stripe, Paypal,, 2checkout. Financial transactions happen right within the app or a mobile app can me where people view cnd select products but sent to a website for payments. We build e-commerce mobile apps from scratch, with backend as well as create mobile product for existing e-commerce platforms. READ MORE HIDE I want this
Language learning tools
Building communication apps for iPhone and Android as a mobile application development company we often have to design niche specific features. One of the most exciting is language learning feature. We build apps supporting up to 5 target and native languages. Users can pick whatever combination they are comfortable is. Inside the app there are different learning stages. Kind of like games levels. Rating feature gives valuable feedback for app owner to know which classes are useful and which need more wok on them. Aside from standard vocabulary we also integrated speech recognition and the app can actually check if words are pronounced correctly. READ MORE HIDE Let's create
SCRUM Coaching
As a mobile application development company we value end-product most and we know that a key to success is teamwork and cooperation. We picked SCRUM as our way to get things done and today we are on a mission to spread this knowledge. We provide SCRUM coaching to teams and Product Owners. Our SCRUM Masters will help you properly organize process of communication, development and verification. You will also be offered a convenient schedule to stay tuned with the team while having enough time for marketing and important business tasks. READ MORE HIDE Get started