As a mobile application development company we especially love working on WebRTC chat apps for online learning. Various messaging apps for iPhone and Android with learning feature is capable of delivering knowledge to great distances and immediately. This specific WebRTC chat our team built provides ability to create a very simple user profile, choose a topic user can provide expertise on and be found by those who seek for knowledge. In order to start a WebRTC chat with second party has to accept a call.

Within the WebRTC chat this communication apps for iPhone provides ability to mute audio, switch camera, and transfer files during communication. There is also a countdown timer so that students can know how long they need to wait for a teacher to pick up. Teacher will be alerted promptly and actively when there is an incoming call for their expertise.

How long

Average time to develop WebRTC chat for online learning by a mobile application development company is

1.5-3 MONTHS

You may also want to have a website for your your video broadcasting app and in that case a mobile application development company may offer you to have a simple landing page for promotions. In that case a team will remain same. But if you want a website with WebRTC chat as well, you will need to add one more front-end developer to the team.

Team required






How much

As a mobile application development company we have seen projects with many different budgets. How much mobile app costs does not depend on a complexity of a final product but it depends on a release stage. We usually use following stages: MVP, Beta Release, Launch.