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WondersLab is an expert in web development and mobile development, mobile games development.

You don't need detailed specifications to develop a mobile app with us, or a web app or a website. All you need is your idea and project concept. We will listen to you, we will understand you, we will guide you towards a product with great market value.

Experience is the only source of true knowledge. Experience is what shapes your life vision. Life vision is then crystallized into an idea. And an idea is how you improve the world around. Ready to make the world around you a little bit better? - You will find a crew to do it with at WondersLab

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Internet search engines themselves predate the debut of the Web in December 1990. The Who is user search dates back to 1982 and the Knowbot Information Service multi-network user search was first implemented in 1989. The first well documented search engine that searched content files, namely FTP files was Archie, which debuted on 10 September 1990. ♯♯♯ Follow the hashtag #QuizSum_WL to see all posts. You can find the quiz by tag #Quiz_WL
One more feedback from happy client. We do our best to deliver quality service and we are happy, when our work is appreciated. If you want website or mobile app, don't hesitate to contact us. Link in Bio. ♯♯♯ #Feedback_WL follow this tag to see all posts.
This is rather obvious so I decided to do away with it first. According to my Google Analytics results from 5 websites I run, 30% of the traffic is from mobile devices. If your checkout form breaks when the screen size is 200px you are losing on sales. So as a web developer in 2017 make most, if not all your web page to scale according to screen size. ♯♯♯ #WebTrends_WL follow this tag to see all posts
Which answer is correct? Comment and tag your friend. BTW I will post the correct answer on Friday by tag #QuizSum_WL ♯♯♯ Follow the hashtag #Quiz_WL to see all posts.
♯♯♯ #Joke_WL follow this tag to see all posts with jokes.
Tim Berners-Lee is credited with developing in 1990 both the first web server, and the first web browser, called WorldWideWeb (no spaces) and later renamed Nexus. ♯♯♯ Follow the hashtag #QuizSum_WL to see all posts. You can find the quiz by tag #Quiz_WL
Read the new article about wearable technology on our website. Link in Bio. In this article you can find brief history, scientific implementation and advanced features of wearable technology. ♯♯♯ Follow the hashtag #Article_WL to see all posts. I plan to post one article per week? maybe more frequent. Hope to see your suggestion about topics.
Which answer is correct? Comment and tag your friend. BTW I will post the correct answer on Friday by tag #QuizSum_WL ♯♯♯ Follow the hashtag #Quiz_WL to see all posts.
Bots are there to make our life easier and our experiences more personable (or at least they should). Bots are interesting from various standpoints and use cases. Chris Messina already predicted in 2016 that 2016 will be the year of conversational commerce. As messaging platforms become more and more popular, its role and influence on web design and web development can no longer be neglected. Therefore the design and development of conversational UI will become an important topic for developers in 2017. ♯♯♯ Follow the hashtag #WebTrends_WL to see all posts.
Smile and have a nice week 😊 ♯♯♯ Follow the hashtag #Joke_WL to see all posts with jokes.
Cake Boss
Presentation Web Site for the well known business holder Bartolo "Buddy" Valastro, Jr. CakeBoss web site is an amazing example of how to expand business's web presence properly. Simple and profitable solution.
San Francisco startup which takes presentations to a new level. Perfect technology stack and smart technical implementation let users create video presentations along with real time commentaries. Do you remember that situation where you have to give the same speech several times in a row? Fishbole does it for you!  
Silicon Valley educational startup. Platform allows users to interact with each other by means of online video conferencing. WebRTC based application. Instabit clients base keeps growing with enviable results. The latest version of Instabit can be found on Apple Store and Google Play Market by US citizens. 

A narrow niche web based application. Phoodie brings the ability to submit reviews and ratings of each dish on the menu of a restaurant.

The platform  gives customers the ability to make an informed decision regarding the menu selection process. As it often happens that customers are looking to solve the problem of ‘what should we eat in a new place?’

Skinny Girls
Promotion site. 

Native iOS application for club people. NightUP shows detailed information and map position of each and every Night Club, both worldwide and near you. Wondering where to spend the Friday night? Try NightUP! 


Promotion website. 

Dictation Telephone
VoIP based website. Dictation/Phone call/Conference call recording system. Clients call a toll free number, select what type of recording they want to make (conference call, phone call, or memo) and then just do it. Implementation of complex back-end system along with multi-site creation. 
Recruiting Vertical
Amazing solution for employees. Whenever you have an opening and are in need of a right candidate just rely on Recruiting Vertical. By submitting a form on Recruiting Vertical your job description will immediately be shown on the numerous Social Networks and top viewed recruiting platforms such as Indeed, Facebook, etc.
Live Video Streaming platform and mobile app
Live video streaming tool for inspections. Project consists of MEAN website and native iOS and Android apps
WondersLab, and specifically Katerina, has been an incredible partner for me with my entrepreneurial ventures. Not only have they understood what my vision is, but they have helped me to up-level it with a design better than I originally was hoping for. I couldn't be more excited about the work I have received and the partnership that we have built. After working with numerous other teams, I can say without hesitation that WondersLab is the best I've seen!

Daniel Robertson
Finding an external agency to undertake development work is easy. Finding one that can communicate & deliver isn't. 
Wonderlabs proactive approach in the scoping stage for our app, gave me instant trust. Their work and the speed in which they provided it, was amazing. Waking up in the morning see all tasks, moved to the done board. Is a great start the day. The teams willingness to be involved and provide fast communication during vital build stages, makes working with them like they're part of our team.
Patrcik Jones
Torani Website
This was our fourth project with WondersLab, they do great work.

Cake Boss
Always a great experience, A+ work. 

Mobile App CoffeeGenius
Great work on transforming our site into an app. 
Chris Knapick
Wonderslab is my go to for everything from building simple landing pages to rapidly developing prototypes.

Strong designers, a solid development team and extremely communicative project management; Wonderslab knows how to get work done.
Ciaran Dunne
We were looking for a company that would not only adapt to constant iterations but become part of the design and development process as we built our site out.
As a start-up we rely on as much support as we can get.I found it with WondersLab and the advice and ideas they offered can be seen in the product.The team at WondersLab are flexible, reliable, collaborative and talented and we hope to continue working together on this and other projects.
David Jonas
Far exceeded my expectations. These are smart people who work closely with you and are sincerely motivated to make your business succeed--consulting, solving problems, and producing exceptional results.

David Jonas, CEO - Capital Typing, Inc.

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